Crane operation with a special support

A special and weird situation is shown in the Cologne city. Introducing a new KÖNIG Hydraulic crane K 1025 H which is located at the building place Cologne-Bayenthal. This support was manufactured for the DROLL tower crane in Cologne. Because of the tiny space of 4x4m and the existing tram it was impossible for pedestians to work around the crane. The only way for operation of a self-erecting crane was through a manufacture of a special support. A carcrane has lifted up the self-erecting crane and has put it on this support. For this operation the K 1025 H is the most suitable crane, because the space for the stabilizers is just 3.6m times 3.6m and the turning radius is only 2m. The pedestians has now the opportunity to walk under the crane and walking through the support.


Our service contains everything concerning the cranes buisiness, for example:

  • Advices/ plannings
  • Transportation
  • Erection
  • Immediate repairing
  • 24 h spare parts service
  • Financing
  • Schooling, training of operators and assemblers

One for all. That means all Koenig-cranes can be travelled with one railroad. In case of long distances we drive with our special highway railroad in any European country.

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